Welcome Dee Emmons

Dee EmmonsThe Rushville Office is pleased to announce that Dee Emmons will be joining our staff as a UniServ Director beginning Monday, March 27, 2017. After a two-day orientation in Springfield, Dee will begin working out of the office on Wednesday, March 29.

Dee comes to us from Indiana where she was an active member of the Indiana State Teachers Association, an experienced English teacher, and a graduate of the ISTA UniServ Intern Program. Dee is passionate about education, political action, and advocacy on behalf of educators.

Dee’s arrival will not only fill a vacancy in the office, but will fully staff the office for the first time since last September. We are excited to have Dee on staff and are looking forward to working with her. We will be posting more information and Dee’s updated contact information as it becomes available.


Political Action on Display in Region 12

On Wednesday, March 1, 2017, the Abingdon-Avon Teachers Association and the Abingdon-Avon Education Association held their first ever “Meet the Candidates Forum” in the Abingdon-Avon High School auditorium. With eleven candidates running for four open seats, the two IEA affiliates joined together to provide a platform to inform the public and bring awareness to the upcoming election.

With more than 100 community members in attendance, the evening featured questions ranging from leadership qualities, to transparency, to teacher retention. The questions were fair but challenging and the candidates were respectful and well-mannered.

Congratulations to the AATA and the AAEA for a great night and for representing IEA so well at the grassroots level! Check out all the photos on the Region 12 Facebook page and read all about it in the Galesburg Register Mail.group-picture

Communicating in the 21st Century

communicationYou’ve heard it for years – people just communicate differently these days.

It’s true. The way we communicate has changed dramatically in recent years. That’s why Region 12 has developed and adopted a Communication Management Plan. By integrating email, text messaging, social media, and a mobile application, Region 12 is taking the necessary steps to make sure that all of our locals can stay connected and up-to-date with what’s happening in and around the state.

Click here to read the Region 12 Communication Management Plan in its entirety and check back here for more updates as the plan continues to be implemented.

Degrees NOT Debt Training


Do you have federal student loans? Do have federal Parent PLUS loans?    Do you have family or friends burdened with student loan debt? If you answered, “Yes!” to any of the above, then Degrees Not Debt is for you!
Thursday, February 9
5:00 – 6:30 PM
Lecture Room A – Galesburg High School
1135 W. Fremont St.
Galesburg, IL
Please RSVP to leslie.kahler@ieanea.org or call 309-797-4126 by 4:00 PM, Friday, February 3rd.

Statement from IEA Pres. Cinda Klickna on Gov. Rauner’s State of the State Address


IEA President Cinda Klickna

Springfield, Ill., Jan. 25, 2017 – The governor has held the budget hostage for two years and he continues to push for changes in law that won’t solve the budget crisis but will inflict severe pain on working families throughout Illinois. While today’s address contained conciliatory words, we are still waiting to see action and leadership from Gov. Rauner.

Consider the education items he supports, being discussed at the Statehouse right now. A property tax freeze wouldn’t do a thing for the state budget, but it ties the hands of local school boards that are fighting to provide a quality education to children despite inadequate state support. The mandate changes being proposed will have zero impact on the budget but will hurt students by taking away physical education and reducing access to affordable driver’s education.

The good news is solutions are available to end the crisis that are fair to all. Illinois can get back on track by making sure millionaires, billionaires and big corporations start paying their fair share. That’s how we will fully fund all public education and make sure our state meets its obligations to all the people of Illinois.

The members of the Illinois Education Association remain ready to work with Gov. Rauner and the legislative leaders to come up with solutions that will benefit students and working families throughout Illinois.

The IEA Region 12 Mobile App

IEA Region 12 is happy to announce the launch region12logosquareof the IEA Region 12 Mobile App for our local leaders and Region Council members. The IEA Region 12 Mobile App is a great way for our leaders and members to stay informed and in touch with what’s going on around the region, the state, and the nation beyond.

With the IEA Region 12 Mobile App, our leaders and members will become a part of the Region 12 community where they can share posts and pictures, ask questions and get information, collaborate with other members, and RSVP for upcoming events. There’s even a messaging option for our members to communicate and host group chats.

And the best part? The IEA Region 12 Mobile App is FREE and available now on the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad users and the Google Play Store for Android users. So click the link, download the app, sign up, and  get connected!

Download on the App Store

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